ZPHR is short for Zephyr, which means a changing wind or climate. ZPHR will change the ride sharing/hailing environment!

How It Works

Download the app, input your cell number and password.  Then walk through the set up process.  Be sure and enter your payment information.  Once completed you will be taken to the main screen where you can type in the address where you wish to go and you will be given a selection of different cars to take.  Once you select the car you will be given a quote for the ride.  If acceptable click book the ride and the ride request will be sent out to available drivers.  When a driver accepts the ride you will see their location and how long until they arrive.  When they arrive, please make sure you are getting in the correct vehicle.  Once the ride starts, you can track the drive on your app.  Once the drive is completed, you will be given the chance to leave a tip and rate the driver.