ZPHR is short for Zephyr, which means a changing wind or climate. ZPHR will change the ride sharing/hailing environment!


Soft launch April 1, 2024
Download the app and when we launch we will send
You a text message with discounts
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Why Be A Driver For ZPHR

    • Earn more per ride, minimum of 42% commission*.
    • Drive more, make more, up to 60% commission*.
    • Invest in ZPHR and make even more per ride.
    • No unprofitable rides.
    • Work in a geographic area.
    • Faster issue resolution.
    • Be a favorite driver for riders.
    • A company that cares about its riders and drivers. (*after state taxes, airport fees and insurance.)
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Why Sign Up As A Rider With ZPHR

    • No Surge pricing!
    • Women riders can select Women drivers.
    • Select a favorite driver.
    • Safe: Experienced and vetted drivers.
    • Reserve rides at no additional charges.
    • Invest in ZPHR and pay less per ride.
    • A portion of each ride is donated to Charity.
    • A company that cares about its riders and drivers.
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How it Works

User friendly app that will allow you to order a ride with just a few clicks.

Getting Started

Down load the app. Register in the app and set up payment. Put in where you want to go. Review options and select type of car. Book the ride.

Get Driver Details

Once your Ride request is accepted, the app automatically informs you of all the details of the driver including make and model of the car.

Track and Guide

Take a look at the route the driver is taking to reach you. Trace his exact location and guide him if necessary.

Hop in and Ride on

Once the driver reaches you, just hop in and enjoy the trip. The app will calculate the fare and give you an invoice at the end of the trip .

Who is ZPHR

A collection of people from all walks of life who are drivers or riders of ride hailing/sharing services. ZPHR was founded by a repeat successful entrepreneur who after a serious illness started driving a few hours a day for something to do while he recovered. He quickly realized how poorly the drivers and riders were being treated and after over 4,000 rides determined that there needs to be a better way for drivers and riders in a ride sharing environment.

ZPHR for Business - Hotel & Corporate Rides

As a Hotel or Corporate account you can book rides for your guest or employees.

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Core Values

Always Learning

about people, animals, women, children, veterans and the environment.


ZPHR: An ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) responsible company that cares about it’s riders, drivers, people of all races, creeds, religions and the environment.

Easy Registration

Drivers and Riders can easily set themselves up in the system or on the apps.


Register to book a ride in few taps.

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Register to drive & earn money.

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Saftey & Security

Our drivers have been thoroughly vetted with background and drivers record checks. ZPHR has an onboarding process for each of our drivers. Every time you take a ride with us you can be assured of 100% security & 100% safety. If available you can select a driver that previously gave you a ride. Women riders can select women drivers.

We understand that your safety is the biggest concern and we take it very seriously. By providing you a safe way to travel, we make sure that you can trust us for your trip as much as possible.

Tracking at Each Step

You can track the entire Trip using you App. In Case of Emergency, you can press the SOS button.